Barbie Pratt
Senior Art Director

Professional grade is just a starting point for Barbie. With decades of art direction under her belt, she elevates the projects she works on far beyond that. Teammates depend on it. And clients rave about it. Barbie is also known as the “color guru,” earning the nickname for good reason. Her read on color—with a knack for interesting combos—is thoroughly developed, not unlike a sommelier’s keen taste and knowledge of pairings. And she does it all within the cruel realities of time, budget and practicality, filtered through a Southern charm that never gets old. A native of Florida, Barbie has spent close to 30 years building roots in Tacoma, with more than 20 of those at JayRay. Her interests extend to gardening, fiber arts, and even long-distance cycling. Given her design proficiency, we wouldn’t be surprised if Barbie found a way to quilt her next bicycle.