TCC campaign launch celebrates people and possibilities


During the pandemic, Tacoma Community College (TCC), like many others, experienced a drop in student enrollment. Their marketing staff turned to JayRay to create an enrollment campaign to inspire prospective students to enroll in the fall.

The campaign needed to spark action in a range of prospects, from adults seeking a second career to high school students eager for college. We presented a handful of polished ideas and the TCC team chose a set of messages that spoke to many different motivations.

Find a world of opportunity close to home
Join our community of learners
Finish high school at college
Launch into college or a new career

TCC’s brand calls for the use of their own students in marketing materials. With just weeks to craft the campaign, we combined existing student photos with illustrations that presented the school in an exciting and vibrant way. Animated digital ads emphasized key words and eye-catching embellishments.

The campaign included geofenced digital advertising, social media, direct mail and a poster distributed throughout the community. We also provided web banners for the campaign landing page.

Leveraging available budget, we worked with a local producer to create a video using previously gathered footage. Animated text and embellishments added fun and matched other campaign pieces.

We also translated the “Find a World of Opportunity” message into additional languages.

Just a month since it began, the TCC campaign has generated 22,591 unique visits to the enrollment landing page. The bounce rate was a low .20%.

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