Social influencers share summer predictions


Despite an odd year for influencers (travel restrictions, a focus on “fake” influencers, everyone crowding social platforms), two-thirds of U.S. marketers report they plan to incorporate influencer marketing into their strategies for the rest of 2021.

The reasons are clear. Reports show that influencer efforts lead to more conversions compared to traditional advertising. And while we know this is truer for certain verticals over others, working with people your audience trusts will always be part of a winning strategy.

What will it look like to work with influencers as COVID restrictions loosen but are still a factor in major markets? We reached out to some of our go-to influencers to get their perspective.

In their words:

Remote and influential
We’re likely to see a big increase in home-based influencer marketing. Much of this already exists in cosmetics and fashion, but it’s becoming increasingly popular in other verticals. Brands that can find a way to interact with influencers remotely—that is, on the influencers’ home turf—will have an advantage. Ask: How can my product be Tik-Tok’d/Instagram Reel’d? A preference for TikTok and Instagram reel content will stick around for a while.

Mindful and realistic
Influencers are looking for reassurance that their health and safety are top priorities. Be transparent about your COVID protocols. They will share these protocols in stories, wear masks on camera, and have information/links to relay to followers if they ask for more details.

Remain open to feedback and modifications to “usual ways of operating” as people are dealing with a variety of changes and adaptations due to COVID.

Instead of promoting experiences, some influencers have switched to sharing products. Product sponsors have requested “more interesting photos,” but the reality is, most influencers aren’t leaving their homes and feel limited creatively.

Safety first in tourism, hospitality
Working on-site and with destination marketing organizations stopped in the beginning. But we were able to cater to specific safe travel tips and feature safe destinations (camping, local road trips, etc.).

PNW staycations will be all the rage this summer and fall. Influencers will want to showcase destinations at the start of summer so people can get a realistic idea of what traveling this year will look like.

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