Welcoming a New Chapter for JayRay


Over our 50-some years, JayRay has had many chapters. As we head into 2022, we’re starting another.

Bridget BaethBethany Doane and Kacie Leacy will continue as the agency’s leaders as president Kathleen Deakins retires after 34 years at the end of December.

Back in 1979 when Kathleen started her internship at what was known then as Graves & Associates, the agency desks were doors laid across file cabinets. She returned in 1987 as a full-time employee with her Apple IIe computer in tow to the renamed agency Jacobson Ray McLaughlin Fillips.

Our name is much shorter today, the doors have transformed into desks, and the Macs have learned to comingle with PCs. Though much has changed, JayRay holds tight to our legacy of knowing and loving our clients’ business. Kacie, Bethany and Bridget plan to bring this forward into JayRay’s next evolution.

After several years as employees, Bridget and Kacie signed on as owners in 2016. Bethany became an owner in 2018. The three will expand their roles on the ownership team. Bridget will lead the advisor team, Kacie will lead creative, and Bethany will continue to lead operations.

JayRay will continue to provide its full suite of services as we work with clients across the region and beyond.

We’re excited for Kathleen’s new chapter and for JayRay’s. We can’t wait to see how this timeline unfolds over the next 50 years.

Thank you for your continued trust and support, friends.

Cheers to 2022 and your continued partnership.