Kacie Leacy
Senior Advisor & Principal
[email protected]

Kacie is a rare breed of business leader who lets her creative mind guide the way. She brings deep insight that’s well-earned, having had two stints at JayRay with some indispensable teeth-cutting at a creative digital agency in between. She keeps her team well-oiled and her clients full of thought starters. But don’t let her creative ways fool you. Kacie is also a seasoned strategist. Her book collection of titles related to behavioral psychology is proof. Whether she’s leading a brand strategy, campaign launch or digital campaign, Kacie shepherds the work with a collaborative style that her clients and teams love. Her motivation? Kacie’s career goal is to support organizations that are making an important impact in their communities. When she’s not orchestrating a networking event or making the seemingly impossible happen, you’ll find her out with her husband at a local music venue that most people don’t even know about yet.