Renton’s Creative Community Enters the Spotlight


Painting or pottery, film or flute. Artists of all kinds are discovering the City of Renton’s growing creative community.

A new city webpage and brochure outline the ways people can participate in Renton’s creative economy. JayRay designed the brochure and developed some of the content.

Renton Creative Economy trifold brochure outside spread

Renton Creative Economy trifold brochure inside spread

Renton Municipal Art Commission members happily shared printed brochures at a community event just days after the piece was completed.

A creative economy is the income-earning potential of creative activities and ideas. It’s where arts, culture, business and technology meet. People participate through conventional employment and, most commonly, in freelance ventures. Examples include small businesses offering crafts, entertainment, fine art, small-batch foods and more.

Renton welcomes artists and promotes the community’s inspiring setting, lower costs and business support. Public art programs like the hydrant painting program, wrapped utility boxes, murals and grants welcome makers to the local arts scene.

JayRay also promotes Renton’s artistic side through social media posts and media pitches.