Public Awareness Campaign Offers Tips to Help Drive Down Auto Theft in Washington


Washington state had 45,033 vehicle thefts last year, a 45% increase over 2021. In response, the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority (WATPA) made plans to launch a public awareness campaign with the goal of driving down statewide auto thefts.

JayRay developed the campaign that launched March 9. The strategy is straightforward: Remind vehicle owners of what they can do to prevent theft. Illustrated scenes feature tips such as using anti-theft devices and not leaving a car running unattended.

Ads on social media and Youtube target people who own popularly stolen brands and those who are in neighborhood discussion groups that discuss crime and prevention.

The campaign runs through May. In its first six days, the YouTube video has 216,000 views.

In addition, an online tool kit provides shareable campaign materials for use by partners such as local law enforcement agencies, car dealerships, insurance companies and schools.

WATPA’s mission is to prevent and reduce vehicle theft in Washington. WATPA is managed in partnership with the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.