Making parking magical in Renton


Renton’s guardian dragon now perches on more than rooftops. Erasmus is now on parking poles and garages throughout the city to mark free parking options.

JayRay designed the 3-foot metal dragons for the City of Renton as part of a larger effort to promote downtown as a thriving business district, highlighting easy access to shops and restaurants with no parking fees. Later this fall, a downtown map adorned with custom illustrations (including Erasmus) will complete the project.

Some argue Renton is the nerdiest town in Washington with an independent comic book shop, retro video game stores, 8-bit arcade and a sci-fi inspired pizza shop. Plus, Renton is home to Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. But everyone agrees that free parking is magical.

Next time you’re in Renton, discover a blue dragon and unearth complimentary parking. Learn more about Renton dragon lore.