Promoting Fast Ferry Service with Kitsap Transit


Post-pandemic public transit ridership levels have been struggling to bounce back nationwide. Kitsap Transit chose JayRay to create a campaign that welcomes commuters and leisure travelers to ride the Fast Ferry to Seattle, Bremerton, Kingston or Southworth and back.

To promote Fast Ferry service, JayRay developed a campaign strategy that highlights the benefits: reliable, relaxing and real-fast.

The campaign launched May 1 with digital ads, videos and itineraries. Ads appear on social media platforms, in print media and on KCPQ Fox 13 television.

JayRay developed the video script and designed the ads. Throughout the video production process, JayRay worked with a videographer for drone and on-the-ground footage to get dynamic, and elegant shots of the ferry and riders.

JayRay also created itineraries for the Fast Ferry webpage. The tips for day trips to Bremerton or Kingston make it easy for potential riders to picture themselves using the Fast Ferry.

Ridership is up significantly so far, and the campaign will continue through September 2023.