Covington tells residents to ‘Say no to the freeway’


What does the City of Covington have to offer? Sprinkles, rainbow hair and healing waters (among a wide variety of other things).

JayRay launched a new Connected TV campaign for the city that’s designed to drive traffic to local businesses and counter the COVID slump. The goal is to show locals the benefits of bypassing the freeway and supporting community businesses.

The city’s ambassador, Karma the Chameleon, plays a lead role. JayRay created Karma for the city two years ago. The city then turned the design into a costumed character and Karma has become a popular personality at community events and on Instagram.

JayRay jumped on the chance for a reunion with Karma to create the campaign funded by the city in partnership with the Covington Chamber.

Using a style that relies on photography, the City and Chamber were also able to build a robust photo library with just one shoot