Workshops without the eye-rolls


Workshops are a valuable setting for sharing ideas and problem solving. Thoughtful planning and facilitation let voices be heard and help make workshops work.

Time should be spent up front to understand the intended outcome. Then workshops can be designed to help reach that outcome.

 JayRay has had a front-row seat to successful collaborations (both in person and virtually) over the last year, facilitating workshops with outcomes like these:

Stakeholder consensus
Last fall a two-hour, interactive workshop with 15 organizational partners of Graduate Tacoma resulted in a new program name to help students apply for and finish post-secondary education. Most importantly, the group also walked away with consensus on how to work better together.

Three graduates stand in front of a brick building holding their caps in the air

New name hierarchy
Two organizations supporting people living with Type 1 diabetes merged. Brand workshops helped the group evaluate name options to lead the new organization into the future. The result: an “endorser brand” model to preserve the original brands’ equity while linking the two separate organizations with a common thread: Type 1 United.

Group of young friends smiling toward camera

Message guidance
In a pair of online community forums, the City of Lake Forest Park gathered real-time feedback, blending conversation with an online polling tool. Residents’ insights helped shape key outreach messages about a levy to support walkways and parks.

A dock on Lake Washington in Lake Forest Park, Washington