Visit Yuma

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The Situation

Yuma’s population drastically increases October-March when snowbirds flock to warm weather for 100ish days. That’s the good news. The bad news is that summer temperatures climb to 120 degrees and the tourism industry wilts.

The Solution

Rather than encourage visitors to run from the sun, we inspired them to dive into Yuma’s fresh water, authentic Mexican culture and stay up late to check out picturesque starry skies to ultimately extend peak season by a month or two. A multi-nation ad campaign, media relations and travel guide led the way.

The Results

The destination received the Best Marketing Campaign award from the Arizona Office of Tourism, in the Rural category, for its strategic and creative approach to attracting domestic or international visitors to Arizona.

The ads have reached 50 million so far with a click-through rate worth celebrating. We continue to see a steady number of media mentions. We continue to see a steady number of media and social mentions.


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