United Way of Pierce County

One family at a time

The Situation

With fewer and fewer workplace campaigns, the mainstay of United Way’s fundraising efforts had eroded. Too few potential donors understood the organization was not just a pass-through for funds. United Way’s centennial was upon them, creating a once-in-a-century opportunity to focus the community on their mission. Time was short. Their first major fundraising campaign in a decade would launch soon.

The Solution

Research showed that donors wanted to feel the compassion and see the evidence. JayRay created materials that do both. Messaging addresses United Way’s ambition and plan to break the cycle of poverty one family at a time—and the importance of donor partners in making that possible. Compelling, hopeful photos and simple graphics illustrate the facts and impact. A suite of materials makes it easy to customize a package based on donor interests: case brochure, folder, pledge forms, series of inserts and thank you card.

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