2024 Predictions


Making 2024 predictions feels like tempting the universe in a “hold my beer” kind of way.

How will Generative AI continue to affect our work? How do we navigate during this election year? Will beer even still exist after more people switch to White Claw Zero during Dry (or Damp) January?

Our thinking:

We’ll all get more comfy with Generative AI
In a content creation world full of new AI tools, we’re hoping the bots can clear up some more time for us humans to be big-picture thinkers.

Kacie, Senior Advisor & Principal: “We will all learn to be better directors. Generative AI is the most successful when people give the tool good guidance. As with any content creation, it’s important to have a strong vision and brand to guide the way.”

Jackie, Senior Advisor: “AI tools are powerful and still a bit mysterious. We’re excited to see what the world of AI can do, but at the same time, we’re a little alarmed by how smart tools can be. We should use them — not ignore them — and infuse the human element into final products. Be authentic. A brand’s personality, promise and position continue to be relevant to strengthen an organization’s stance among the competition.”

Ken, Advisor: “AI, in one form or another, has been around us for a long time. AI informs our lives in ways we can’t even see nor imagine. However, with the birth of Generative AI, it is more in our faces, and at our fingertips. And like anything new, what do we make of it? As we are already seeing, there are the early adaptors, the skeptics, and the I’ll-just-wait-and-see-how-this-plays-out followers. No matter one’s stance, it is a tool, like any, that when mastered, can be used effectively.”

The future will continue to be female
In 2023, female-focused narratives shaped the cultural narrative for good.

Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour was a star-studded, silver-sequined spectacle.

Taylor Swift performed the most commercially successful tour of all time, with over 60 shows worldwide.

The Barbie movie, a love letter to girlhood, self-actualization and trailblazing, grossed over a billion dollars worldwide.

In the background, “girl dinner” and “girl math” were cultural cornerstones for the chronically online, while the rise of coquette put dainty pink bows on just about everything.

Increasing visibility of women-centric stories, record-breaking music tours by female artists and big-budget movies featuring female leads are all evidence of this shift. This shift underscores a broader cultural movement embracing femininity and empowerment without compromise (or “cringe”). It’s about celebrating womanhood with joy, authenticity and reckless abandon without relinquishing power.

Bridget, Senior Advisor & Principal: “Marketing will continue its Taylor Swift era! I expect to see splashy brand collaborations with big names for maximum reach and impact. More organizations will follow Taylor Swift’s lead for meaningful collaborations and marketing relationships that are a win-win for all.”

We’ll face another tumultuous year together
War. Election year. To avoid missteps and misinformation in a rapidly changing environment, brands must be adaptable and empathetic in every element of their marketing strategy, from content writing to ad buys.

Jackie, Senior Advisor:
“In tumultuous times, keep your marketing focused on the fundamentals: Use data to inform where you allocate your budget. Dive deep into your message and get clear on your target audience. In other words, don’t try to be all things to all people. It’s ageless advice, whether you’re a marketer or not.”

Kacie, Senior Advisor & Principal: “Building trust is always important but in 2024, it will be especially important. Also, empathy never goes out of style.”

Cara, Advisor: “It’s always important to be discerning and consider the impact of what you say. Nobody wants to come across as tone deaf.”

Sean, Senior Art Director: “Because the world’s eyes are fixed on Gaza, I see the connection between religiosity and hatred being the focus of a lot of content this year.”

Gen Z will set the cultural pace
Gen Z — a generation known for its diversity and skepticism is now a formidable force in the marketplace. Representing a quarter of the workforce, their preferences continue to shape cultural trends.

Above all, Gen Z values identity, authenticity and ethical consumption, marking a shift in how brands need to communicate and connect to resonate with a discerning, perceptive group. Individuality is on full display with this generation, reflected in a variety of subcultures including third-culture kids, comfort creators and dupe enthusiasts.

The rise of the creator economy and social shopping, powered by platforms like TikTok and Instagram, highlights the importance of short-form, authenticity-driven content. Brands are wise to align with these values by exploring new, innovative ways to curry favor with a fast-acting demographic.

Alex, Advisor: “We know this generation values ethical consumption, so brands that can prove sustainability or a commitment to social justice will continue to do well. Social media continues to be a place where people find their news and information. This means that news and information should be presented in a way that is fit for social media — TikTok and Instagram dictate that it should be in short-form video.”

We’ll see more ‘ad-free’ TV
Innovative approaches like YouTube TV’s ad-free spots during NFL games reflect a shift towards more mindful marketing. In this context, brands must be attuned to consumer sentiment, offering content that respects mental health boundaries and emotional well-being.

Sean, Senior Senior Art Director: “YouTube TV started running non-ad spots during NFL games this year that I thought were very interesting. They have recently attached logos to them but there is this sense that people don’t want to be bombarded with more messaging and stuff to buy. Corporations are responding to that by paying to sponsor ‘breaks.’