Thank you for joining the important effort to get more people registered to vote! This toolkit includes materials for your website, newsletters, social media channels and anywhere you’re able to share. Information is specific to Washington state voters.

We recommend directing people to

Multiple sizes, styles, headlines available at link

Multiple sizes, styles, headlines available at link

Multiple colors available at the link
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For guiding your communications or responding to stakeholder questions

How do I check my voter registration status? has tools to register, update your registration information, request a new ballot, check your ballot’s status, access your voters’ guide, and find a list of drop boxes.

Where can I register? Online at, via mail or in person at your local elections office (some counties have in-person restrictions due to COVID-19). Details here.

When is the registration deadline? Online and mail registrations must be received eight days prior to election day (October 25 for the November 2 general election). You may also register in person on election day.

If I have a felony, can I still register to vote? If you were convicted of a felony in a Washington state court, your right to vote is restored automatically once you are no longer under the authority of Department of Corrections (DOC). Additional questions related to felonies and voting are answered here.

I am a survivor of a domestic crime. Can I keep my voter registration address private? The Office of Secretary of State has a program that allows victims to register to vote without their addresses being found. More details here.