Postcards from Ukraine: Messages of Hope


Once each year, a weary world is softened with twinkling lights and crackling fires. Eggnog and song. Generosity and gratitude. Long nights are made brighter by tinsel and candlelight. It’s a respite from the mundane, an enduring celebration, a collective pause.

But not everybody has a warm home complete with holiday cheer. What are the holidays without home? Without comfort? Without peace? These are the realities millions of Ukrainians face this holiday season.

Far too many people have had to leave their homes in search of stability, safety and the kind of peace many of us take for granted.

For our 2022 client holiday card, we want to honor what Ukrainians have faced.

Our gaze across the globe found connection with a universal language – art. We commissioned five Ukrainian artists and asked them to each create a piece that shares their vision of hope.

Though we expected the blue and gold hues of the Ukrainian flag, we weren’t prepared for the repeated patterns of celestial objects and light from within. We find beauty in the unique vulnerability of each piece along with the commonalities they share.

Awakening of the Spirit
By Yara Pavlovich
Bialystok, Poland
(Refugee from Kyiv, Ukraine)
Yara is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Kyiv. Viewing her craft as a meditative practice, Yara manifests positive energy by pouring her heart and soul into everything she creates.

By Olena Tolstokora
Kyiv, Ukraine
Olena’s work is filled with crucial narratives, conscious storytelling and bold messages. Drawing from the strength, resilience and wisdom of her people, Olena aims to give a voice to the voiceless throughout Ukraine and beyond.

Peaceful Sky
By Lesia Korol
Gdansk, Poland
(Refugee from Lviv, Ukraine)
Lesia is a graphic designer and an aspiring UX professional. Lesia sought to cultivate with her art the same kind of peace she experiences in nature.

By Daria Filippova
Odesa, Ukraine
Despite chaos, Daria is looking forward to the quiet of the holiday season. Her work is a reminder that times will return to the way they once were, even if we’re changed in the process.

By Maria Savko
Lviv, Ukraine
An illustrator and printmaker, Maria uses her creativity to process the heaviness of war. With her brother fighting in the East, Maria is channeling the warmth and comfort of family festivities in her artwork for this collection. While everyone can’t be at home for the holidays, being in Ukraine means being home for Maria.

As you close out another year, we hope this artwork is a reminder that:

The human spirit is wholeheartedly resilient.

Beauty can be found even in the darkest times.

Our cracks, marks and scars are what let the light in.