During this time of isolation and uncertainty, people are flocking to social media. As coronavirus updates change at lightning speed, our social media strategies must as well.

Perhaps Uncle Ben said it best: “With great power comes great responsibility.” In other words, it can be a lot of pressure to come up with the right tone and messaging.

While we’re all navigating this new territory together, here are a few big things we’re doing right now with our clients and their social presence:

  • Disabling scheduled posts. For @ExploreWilsonville we’re no longer scheduling posts. What was true at the start of the day could be incorrect by the end. Instead, we put a process in place for real-time updates.
  • Pivoting to systems that fit the new pace of information. For @VisitKent we’re leveraging Instagram Stories to re-share content and updates about restaurant delivery and takeout options as soon as they’re posted by restaurants. We’re also constantly updating a list of Kent businesses offering takeout and delivery. 
  • Sharing information from trustworthy sources. For @AstoriaParkandRec we’re consistently tagging health authorities in social posts, directly connecting our information with the people who know best. For @Explore Wilsonville we’re providing a travel advisory that links directly to official health experts (CDC and local public health department), rather than attempting to keep up with policy content revisions on their owned channels.
  • Amplifying brand values. For @VisitKent the conversation is about what you can do from the comfort of your own home. As a place for space and innovation, it was only fitting to share with Kent families The Space Foundation’s virtual story time in space activities.
  • Posting shareable resources. For @UnitedWayofPierce County we launched a campaign to promote some of the most urgent volunteer opportunities such as packing school lunches, donating blood  and supporting food banks. We’re highlighting different opportunities every day to break down the overwhelming list of opportunities. 
  • Showing a human side. Beyond expected public service announcements, we’re sharing stories of hope. Businesses that are changing their operations to support people in need. Neighbors painting window murals. The local distillery making hand sanitizer.

Need a thought partner? In the words of Wonder Woman: “Don’t engage alone, we do this together.”