Snoqualmie Valley Health Unveils New Brand


As a vital public hospital district, Snoqualmie Valley Health provides essential healthcare services to the communities of Snoqualmie, North Bend, Carnation, Preston, and Fall City.

Recognizing the need to reflect its evolving mission and priorities, Snoqualmie Valley Health partnered with JayRay to undergo a thorough rebranding process.

Our collaboration involved a series of strategic initiatives designed to modernize the brand and align it with the latest operational goals. We worked closely with Snoqualmie Valley Health’s staff and board members to redefine their mission, vision, and values, ensuring that every aspect of their identity resonated.

The comprehensive rebranding process included:

  • Developing a new mission, vision, and values: Engaging with staff and board members to articulate a refreshed and unified direction.
  • Concepting a new logo and tagline: Crafting a visual and verbal identity that embodies the essence of Snoqualmie Valley Health.
  • Creating updated collateral: Designing marketing materials that consistently reflect the new brand identity.

This robust branding effort has equipped Snoqualmie Valley Health with a cohesive and contemporary brand that underscores their commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services to their community.