Three years after first calling on the South Sound community to “Live Like the Mountain is Out,” South Sound Proud boosters are offering fresh graphics that are free and available for anyone to use at the new

JayRay designed the new website as a resource for spreading the South Sound Proud spirit. The site showcases all the ways the South Sound badge and Mountain’s Out theme are already being used on banners and murals, shirts and mugs, buses and street sweepers.

In addition to a gallery of free graphics, photos and videos, there is a tool to customize a photo with a selection of Mountain’s Out images. People can take their pick or create their own Live Like the Mountain is Out artwork.

Download and use South Sound Proud graphics – or create your own.

JayRay created the South Sound Proud badge, the original Live Like the Mountain is Out campaign and the new website for South Sound Together. The website also features graphics from a number of community artists.

South Sound Together is a group of community supporters from 20 local businesses and organizations who celebrate and support the people, places, and activities that make the South Puget Sound a great place to live and work.