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For those who are worried about the AI bots taking over
Opportunity or fear? We all get to decide.
AI jobs in marketing: Brands are building out new capabilities

For those who always have big ideas
We all need someone we can safely share ideas with and keep us on track.
Who is your “great idea, but not right now” person?

For those who engage influencers
Careful of the fake ones. They can seem shockingly real.
AI influencers explode on social media. Some are controlled by teens.

For those worried about cord-cutters
Don’t worry, it’s good news for advertisers.
Viewers prefer their CTV free with ads, LG Ads survey finds

For those who need a user guide on emojis
Some are interpreted differently – and they’re probably not the emojis that first come to mind…
The most confusing emojis in the world [infographic]