Get Away with More on Pinterest


It’s hard to keep someone’s attention for four minutes, much less for four years. But Pinterest is doing it. If you aren’t already using Pinterest to promote your brand or business online, or aren’t taking it seriously, you have many reasons to start in 2022.

The much-maligned social channel known as the place to daydream does what other platforms simply cannot.

Brings shoppers ready to buy. Over 25% of time on Pinterest is spent shopping, according to a 2019 independent analysis. Pinterest users are poised and ready to purchase. 8 out of 10 Pinners report making a purchase based on what they see on the platform.

Sets long-lasting trends. Pinterest is also where people plan their future. Every year Pinterest releases its annual report Pinterest Predicts. Unlike a typical year-end report, this one doesn’t look back. Pinterest Predicts is, as they call it, “a not-yet-trending report.” The report boasts high accuracy based on previous years, where even in 2020 (the most unpredictable year ever) the report proved 80% accurate.

In fact, according to a study by Black Swan Data, Pinterest trends grow faster and stay longer than trends spotted elsewhere on the internet.

Take for example last year’s food trend prediction “Bland is Banned,” which focused on making creative dishes and highlighted search terms such as “jalapeño pepper jelly recipe.” Pinterest searches grew 30 times over the first six months since “Bland is Banned” started growing. After seeing the trend take off, Dawn dish soap launched a trend package focused on cleaning up large kitchen messes. That resulted in CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) 24% more efficient than Pinterest’s benchmark for household goods ads.

Revs up your web traffic. If you’re still not sold on Pinterest’s potential, its ability to supercharge your website traffic might do the trick. Weekly Pinners are three times more likely to click through to a retailer’s site from Pinterest than from any other social media channel.

Pinterest is the middle child of the internet, underrated but quietly excelling. Our advice: pin now.