Are you connected to Seed Internships?


Written by Croix Stone, intern

When I first applied to Seed Internships, I figured I would be grabbing coffee and making copies. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The program identifies exceptional Puget Sound college students and recent grads from underrepresented backgrounds and matches them with top local employers. However, the program is much more than a ‘matchmaker’ for interns. It also offers mentorship opportunities and professional development.

The program asked me to think critically about what I wanted from an internship. I didn’t have a long list of demands, but I knew I wanted to contribute to something and do more than get coffee and make copies. I was hoping to feel like an important member of a team. Through Seed, I was able to get exactly what I wanted with my internship at JayRay.

All Seed interns meet together weekly. We discuss various topics ranging from professional communication to navigating life after graduation. It has been great to feel like I have a team on my side who truly wants to see me succeed. We have had the opportunity to flourish in our new roles and feel comfortable in a professional environment. A win-win for businesses and the interns.

Overall, Seed’s role in my success at JayRay cannot be understated and I believe many other interns feel the same.

Four months later, I am wrapping up my time with JayRay.  I was able to extend my internship to help them through a busy time. I was able to work with local business who needed me as much as I needed them. Without Seed I may have missed out on an amazing opportunity.

The Seed Internship program truly cares about both business and interns. The program ensures they both get what they’re looking for.

Sound like something that might be a good fit for your company? Check out more about Seed Internships here.