Ryan Millard

I’ll find a way could be Ryan’s life motto. He is always dreaming up new opportunities while equally solving how to practically execute them. With his sleeves-up demeanor, Ryan forges the trust of clients with ease. He has a keen ability to put out fires before clients even feel the heat. Equally comfortable in-house as he is at an agency, Ryan has led strategy and executed marketing efforts in both the hospitality and sports industries. Prior to joining JayRay, he led campaigns for Microsoft, Dell and McDonald’s. So it’s obvious that Ryan’s both a creative thinker and a problem solver by nature. But what makes him so valuable is that he knows those things are often the same. Ryan always thinks with the end game in mind. It might shed some light on his obsession with the Seahawks, the Mariners, the SuperSonics and his impressive collection of bobbleheads.