Olivia Carson
[email protected]

Leave it to Rumi to make Olivia’s wordsmithing spirit rejoice: “Heart is sea, language is shore. Whatever sea includes, will hit the shore.” As a copywriter driven by meaningful connection, this is the essence of Olivia’s purpose and the “why” behind her work—she only wishes she had written it herself (#copyenvy). Olivia spent a decade behind the camera as a professional photographer before she pivoted to wordsmithery. Whether she has a pen or a roll of film in her hand, her philosophy is the same: Greatness exists in the inconspicuous and overlooked details. Olivia believes in paring things down to the essence without removing the poetry—whether in words or photographs. Her zone of genius is in the balance between conversion copywriting, poetic prose and soulful storytelling (with a side dish of personality). In a world where “good” copywriting is saying the most in the fewest words, Olivia has the magic to both convert and match the beauty of your mission. If she’s not writing website copy by candlelight, Olivia is evangelizing the em dash gospel (even if no one’s listening). She lives in University Place with her husband and a Miniature Schnauzer who has more Instagram followers than she does.