Genny Boots
Assistant Advisor

Genny believes that crossing borders makes a person more well-rounded. On some days, it means she’s soaking up inspiration as she travels across the globe. On most days it means she’s crossing into social media, writing, content creation, data crunching and project management. If we’re feeling cheesy, we like to say that she puts the “Gen” in “generalist.” That’s because she’s the rare unicorn of a versatility player. The problem solver combined with the open-minded creative thinker. A journalist at heart, Genny has been a part of television productions, daily newspapers, magazines and social justice journals. Curiosity hasn’t killed the cat or Genny…yet. She likes to think that her Alaska roots have given her superhuman powers, but we know it’s really her natural can-do mentality that’s doing the work. Although she’s loving the agency life these days, she’ll tell you her first love was hustling shoes at a small boutique. With a last name like Boots…well, how could you not?