Florin Mehedinti
Senior Developer

Being an early adopter is like having a window into the future. And that’s precisely where Florin lives. His comfort zone is development, and Florin comes with a built-in advantage: the ability to solve client needs in a language they understand—plain English. It’s a skill not all with their head buried in code can match. But Florin’s not typical in any respect. He’s thirsty for knowledge and always trying new methods, which means he’s bent on making things work. If you can imagine a great idea but don’t know where to start, you’ll find Florin making it happen. Lob a problem his way and he’ll send back a pragmatic solution. Where does this ability come from? A lifetime of studying sci-fi movies, experimenting with photography, speaking other languages and performing as a musician. All pursuits that force you to calibrate analytical and creative thinking simultaneously.