Diane Schuirman-Hagedorn

Few people truly understand the monumental changes happening in health care; even fewer can actually explain them to someone. But this is the arena of complexity that Diane thrives in. Her main mission is educating employees on change; often dealing with IT initiatives, and always improving patient care. She dives into the data to identify key themes and recommendations, absorbing stakeholder research, relaying critical concepts to frontline staff, and facilitating careful decision-making. And no one lays out a plan and rallies a team to stay on course like Diane. Her experience showing horses taught her the importance of preparation, perseverance, flexibility and composure. Her two degrees (bachelor’s double major in print journalism and PR, master’s in communication) may have helped, too. Off-hours you’ll find Diane on walks with her dog Melody and supporting another healthy discipline: the local U.S. Masters swim team, where her husband is the head coach.