Matt Wakefield
Senior Advisor
[email protected]

When paired together, technology and storytelling can solve nearly any problem. At least that’s Matt’s career motto. Spending several formative years working at large tech companies showed him the potential of applied information, and his love for transforming brands through data has remained ever since. From giving homebuyers the digital tools and confidence to find homes online to using geolocation data to craft tourism marketing strategies, Matt can masterfully chisel a set of data into transformative brand strategies and narratives. He can also help clients of all shapes and sizes measure the seemingly unmeasurable or identify audiences they didn’t know they had. Pair this with his creative and PR chops and you’re left with Matt, the marcomm unicorn. When he signs off for the weekend, you can bet he found that backpacking trip by cross-referencing a half dozen forums and databases and that his hiking mile split-time is being tracked down to the second.