Senior Art Director
[email protected]

You’ll never get one-size-fits-all creative from Sean. A true artist at heart, he brings fresh thinking to everything he dreams, designs, directs or illustrates. He’s always asking “what if” and pushing creative to a new level. And forget Arial. Sean’s font choices kick things up a notch. We call it practical magic. (Sorry, Sandra Bullock.) Others might call it smart thinking and effective design. Whatever you want to call it, you want Sean on your team. If you type his name into your search engine (and look beyond headlines about the professional football player with the same name) you’ll find reference to Sean’s impressive collection of art awards he never mentions. Outside of the agency, Sean continues to create, working on his studio art or planning a sidewalk chalk masterpiece with his kids. And if you happen upon Sean at a local coffee shop, be warned. You may have to stand in line just to say hello.